Thursday, 15 December 2011


This is our Instructional Video for ICT Class. this video is about how to buy things online in a specific webpage which is .

hoping that this video can help you in how to buy things online better in making your shopping life is easier.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Hello readers!
this is our header before this.. it is not really our first trial, because we had try to make many headers. but this is among of the headers that can be accepted for our blog.

however, we think it doesn't looked nice so we make a new header for our blog, the new headers is our current header for our blog right now.

hoping that the header is beautiful enough.  :)

there is no NO for trying and learning. :)

Friday, 30 September 2011

Teasl internet resources

Hello again my beloved readers!

just now we find some resources from the internet about TEASL in this print screen is one of many good resources that we found..

This is resources you can can find in the internet. it is very good because its about how to be a good teacher. It also can be used as a reference book and handbook for individual teacher and sources book for teacher or a trainer.

this is some links for you if you would like to refer about TESL.  :)

those are links that is very beneficial for you in order to be a good teacher in english.


Friday, 23 September 2011

group mate

heyya my group mate intan azieawati.

Noor Azieawati bt. Kamis.

i spelled ur name right. HAHAHA.

Instructional Technology Chart

Do you know what is this?

this is the chart of instructional technology. we made this using Microsoft Power Point.
there is a lot of Power Point chart types you can choose there.

you can choose chart, tables, box and etc.

the colour also can be changed, the size and also the font. you just need to be creative and you can have the best chart on the world!


First IT Class for chumel English Teacher. XD

Halo halo. anybody there? LOL.

For todays post, we were going to share with all of you about our first class on IT. FRANKLY SPEAKING, its a scary class. HAHAHA. kidding. 

Today we learned about  the Learning Theories. there are 3 of them, which is Behaviorism, Cognitism, and Constructism. But ofcourse, as an Islamic University Malaysia students, we learned those theories while comparing the theories with Islamic perspective.

Dr. Sharifah Syariah is our teacher for this subject, and honestly, She gaves us a great impression on how to be a good and beautiful teacher,  well, eventhough its quite freaking out. HAHAHA.  

point taken ; we loved U proff,  U are awesome!